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  • WIN Eurasia in Turkey from 6.7 - 6.10, 2023

    As the flagship exhibition of the "Hannover Industrial Expo" in Türkiye, since the "the Belt and Road" strategy was proposed, WIN Eurasia has gained more and more favor from international enterprises, especially Chinese exhibitors, by virtue of its unique geographical advantage of connecting Europ

  • BLCH Pneumatic sales training in May

    From May 5th to 6th, 2023, more than 30 sales staff of BLCH Pneumatic gathered at the headquarters to attend the May sales training meeting. Salesmen from 10 agency offices attended the training meeting together with colleagues from the Foreign Trade Department and the E-commerce Department.

  • Happy Mother's day !

    A mother's love is a cup of hot tea, fragrance and warm.A mother's love is a song, beautiful and charming. A mother's love is a moon, quiet but gentle. On Mother's Day, I wish all mothers a happy holiday!

  • BLCH Pneumatic Company will participate in the International Pneumatic Exhibition held in Brazil

    BLCH Pneumatic will bring pneumatic automation solutions to attend EXPOMAFE 2023 Brazil, looking forward to meeting you at the exhibition. As one of the leading manufacturers of pneumatic products in China, BLCH Pneumatic will showcase its latest pneumatic products and solutions at the exhibition. These products include air cylinders, pneumatic valves ,Control Components, air filters and more. In addition, BLCH Pneumatic will also showcase its latest automation solutions.

  • Blch in 133 rd canton fair

    The 133rd Canton Fair was reopened on April 15th. BLCH Pneumatic Company has returned to the exhibition stage again, welcoming visitors from all over the world. In the past few days, our pneumatic Rubik's Cube exhibition platform has attracted buyers from all over the world to stop and watch, and we have also received importers and buyers from all over the world.

  • Meeting you in Canton fair in April

    Meeting you in Canton fair

  • Description of filter working principle

    Description of filter working principle:The compressed air from the inlet is strongly rotated through the tangential gap of the guide plate. The liquid oil, water and solid pollutants are thrown to the inner wall of the cup by centrifugal force, then flow to the bottom.The compressed air has removed

  • 2023 EXPO PLAN

    We blch team look forward to meeting you in São Paulo, Istanbul,Bangkok,Yekaterinburg in 2023,we also looking for agencies around of world ,feel free to contact us

  • Advantages and disadvantages of pneumatic components

    Advantages of pneumatic components: 1. Pneumatic device is simple in structure, light and easy to install and maintain. The medium is air, which is not easy to burn compared with the hydraulic medium, so it is safe to use. 2, the working medium is inexhaustible air, air itself does not cost money

  • The trend of high shipping prices may continue

    Since the second quarter of last year, with the recovery of global trade, international shipping prices continue to climb, constantly refresh the “record.” In the first half of 2021, shipping prices continued to “rise”, and professional agencies predict that the trend will continue in the third qua

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