2023 Autumn Canton Fair
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The 134th Canton Fair kicked off on Oct 15. During the pasted four days , the field of merchants in an endless stream, looking at,  all are foreigners, familiar feeling of the Canton Fair came again, our BLCH team have been enthusiastic and busy to receive new and old customers from all over the world.


The booth of BLCH Pneumatic in the Canton Fair displayed more than 100 kinds of high-quality pneumatic products of the company, and displayed the company's latest development of ITV type electronic-pneumatic valve. The ITV electronic-pneumatic valve changes the pressure of the gas by changing the current or voltage of the electronic-pneumatic valve. When the input signal increases, the air supply solenoid valve becomes ON. Thus, part of the supply pressure becomes the output pressure through the supply solenoid valve. This output pressure is fed back to the control loop through the pressure sensor. Here, the pressure is adjusted until the output pressure is proportional to the input signal, so that the output pressure can be steadily obtained in proportion to the input signal. The air pressure is proportional to the electrical signal to achieve continuous control of the pressure.



The three highlights of this exhibition: 1, this year, there is a significant increase in foreign buyers, increasing a lot of non-English speaking countries, the Belt and Road countries; 2, foreign customers choose more rational and prudent, more cost sensitive, need higher cost performance; 3, from product procurement to service procurement upgrade, made in China to China creation and design upgrade.


After our salesmen and customers fully communicated and introduced, many customers said they wanted to visit the factory on the spot, our BLCH team welcomes you to visit the factory to negotiate.






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