How to buy pneumatic components, the following four points should be noted:
First, the purchase of cylindersCylinder is the pneumatic system in the implementation of the components, cylinder quality will directly affect the supporting equipment performance, therefore, we should pay attention to the following aspects in the selection of cylinder:1. Select manufacturers of hi
What is a solenoid valve? How does it work?
Solenoid valve is an industrial equipment controlled by electromagnetism, is used to control the basic components of fluid automation, belongs to the pneumatic actuator, and is not limited to hydraulic and pneumatic. The solenoid valve has a closed cavity with through holes at different locations, each hole is connected to a different oil pipe, the middle of the cavity is a piston, and the two sides are two electromagnets, which side of the magnet coil is energized the valve body will be attracted to which side, by controlling the movement of the valve body to open or close the different oil discharge holes. And the inlet hole is always open, the hydraulic oil will enter the different discharge pipes, and then through the pressure of the oil to push the piston of the cylinder, and the piston drives the piston rod, and the piston rod drives the mechanical device. This controls the mechanical movement by controlling the current flow of the solenoid.
Description of filter working principle
Description of filter working principle:The compressed air from the inlet is strongly rotated through the tangential gap of the guide plate. The liquid oil, water and solid pollutants are thrown to the inner wall of the cup by centrifugal force, then flow to the bottom.The compressed air has removed
Advantages and disadvantages of pneumatic components
Advantages of pneumatic components: 1. Pneumatic device is simple in structure, light and easy to install and maintain. The medium is air, which is not easy to burn compared with the hydraulic medium, so it is safe to use. 2, the working medium is inexhaustible air, air itself does not cost money
The trend of high shipping prices may continue
Since the second quarter of last year, with the recovery of global trade, international shipping prices continue to climb, constantly refresh the “record.” In the first half of 2021, shipping prices continued to “rise”, and professional agencies predict that the trend will continue in the third qua
Right way of using Cylinders
One of the important parts of the pneumatic components is the cylinder. In order to ensure the normal use of the cylinder and avoid unnecessary situations, for the use of the pneumatic components and cylinder, let’s check the right way to use cylinder. cylinder When using the cylinder, the air qua
How does a Solenoid valve work?
How a Solenoid Works A solenoid is a coil of wire in a corkscrew shape wrapped around a piston, often made of iron. As in all electromagnets, a magnetic field is created when an electric current passes through the wire. Electromagnets have an advantage over permanent magnets in that they can be switched on and off by the application or removal of the electric current, which is what makes them useful as switches and valves and allows them to be entirely automated. Like all magnets, the magnetic field of an activated solenoid has positive and negative poles that will attract or repel material sensitive to magnets. In a solenoid, the electromagnetic field causes the piston to either move backward or forward, which is how motion is created by a solenoid coil.
The introduction of air source treatment components
Air source treatment is the component working by using the pressure of the gas or the expansion of the force. It Includs air filter, pressure regulating valve, oil lubricator, etc. Pneumatic products are widely used in metallurgical mechanical and electrical, construction, transportation equipmen
Principle and selection of air source processing unit
Air source processing unit Air preparation AFR-BFR series Air FilterThe air source processing unit generally consists of three parts, namely filter, pressure regulating valve, lubricator, and sometimes the filter and pressure regulating valve can be assembled together to form a pressure regulating f
Correct Working Environment For Pneumatic Fittings
Working environmentThe design of pneumatic fittings should allow the free flow of required air or gas without any opportunity for significant drops in pressure. Pipes and hoses should be configured as simply as possible, so that no energy is lost in the air’s passage through the system. Always use
Cylinder AccessoriesEven when a cylinder is sized properly, it may stroke too fast and require use of a flow control, typically by controlling flow of air leaving the cylinder. This also reduces noise problems caused by cylinders banging and reduces rapid exhaust racket. These flow controls are typi
Correct Tube Type for Pneumatic fittings
Tubing typeWhen deciding how to choose your pneumatic fittings, you need also to determine what type and size of tubing or hose you will need, whether it is measured in metric or imperial sizes, and whether it’s made of metal or thermoplastic. And in the first instance, you need to differentiate bet



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