How to buy pneumatic components, the following four points should be noted:
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一.The purchase of cylinders

MA Series Stainless steel Mini CylinderMA Series Stainless steel Mini Cylinder

Ordering Code

MA CA 32×50 - S FA
Series Back cove Bore size X Stroke   Magnet Mounting type
MA: Standard double acting type blank: Pivot type     S:with magnet Blank: Basic
MAD: Double rod CA: Round type       FA: Front cover type
MAJ: Adjustable stroke U:Flat-end type       FB: back cover
MAC: Double acting with cushion         LB: foot bracket type
          SDB: rotary bracket type


Cylinder is the pneumatic system in the implementation of the components, cylinder quality will directly affect the supporting equipment performance, therefore, we should pay attention to the following aspects in the selection of cylinder:


1. Select manufacturers of higher degree, quality and service reputation of the production enterprises.

2. Check the standards used by the enterprise production cylinder, such as enterprise standards, should be compared with industry standards.

3. The appearance of the cylinder, internal and external leakage and no-load performance to examine:

a. Appearance: the cylinder barrel and piston rod surface should be free of scratches, no air holes and trachoma at the end cap.

b. Internal and external leakage: the cylinder is not allowed to have external leakage except at the end of the outlet rod, and the internal leakage and external leakage at the end of the outlet rod should be less than (3+0.15D) ml/min and (3+0.15d) ml/min respectively.

c. No-load performance: the cylinder will be in a no-load loading state, so that it is in the low-speed operation, to see how much its speed without crawling, the lower the speed the better.

4. Pay attention to the cylinder's installation form and size, installation size can be proposed to the manufacturer when ordering, the cylinder is generally not in stock, try to use the standard type, which can shorten the delivery time.


二. The purchase of pneumatic hose

Transparent Blue Red Black Flexible PU Pneumatic TubeTransparent Blue Red Black Flexible PU Pneumatic Tube



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PU 08 06 B
Model Standard specification Color




The purchase of pneumatic hose: purchase of pneumatic hose, should pay attention to the following four aspects:



1. Tube material: PU tube, nylon tube, etc.

2. Tube size of the inner and outer diameters: customary to the outer diameter of the tube as the size of the tube, commonly known as "diameter". With the nominal diameter is not the same thing, the user should pay special attention when purchasing.

3. The uniformity of the wall thickness of the tube, uneven tube is easy to leak when working.

4. Tube wall thickness, should be considered in the form of tube fitting selection of hose, using clamp type tube fitting and tube fitting should pay attention to the inner diameter of the tube size; the use of inserted tube fitting, should pay attention to the outer diameter of the tube size.

Third, the purchase of pneumatic pipe fitting

1. The connector form of the pipe fitting:

a. Clamp type pipe fitting, mainly applicable to cotton thread braided hose;

b. Tube fitting, mainly for non-ferrous metal pipe, hard nylon tube;

c. Insertion type pipe joint, mainly applicable to nylon pipe, plastic pipe.

2. Pipe joint form: Angle, right angle, through the plate, tee, cross, etc., users can choose and buy according to the use of needs.


三.There are three nominal methods for the interface of pipe joints:


a. According to the nominal diameter of the connected pipeline nominal, commonly known as "diameter", in the purchase of clamp pipe couplings and tube fittings, should pay attention to the inner diameter of the tube; the choice of inserted pipe fittings, should pay attention to the outer diameter of the tube. Commonly used in tees, crosses and other branch fittings.

b. According to the interface thread nominal of the pipe fitting, such fittings are not commonly used.

c. According to the nominal diameter of the pipeline and the connector interface thread combination of nominal, these fittings are commonly used in the pneumatic components of the inlet and outlet.


四. The purchase of pneumatic directional valve


Pneumatic directional valve is a pneumatic system in the control element, used to control the flow of fluid in the system, the style of many types, users can choose according to their needs.

The common types of directional valves are as follows:

According to the outlet: two-way, three-way, four-way and five-way;

According to the working position: two-position and three-position.

According to the control mode: gas control and electric control, direct-acting and pilot-operated;

According to the controlled medium: fluid valve and gas valve;

According to the function: normally closed and normally open, center seal and center drain and intermediate gas supply;

According to the structure: there are globe valves and slide valves;


In the purchase of pneumatic directional valves, the following points should be noted:

1. The threaded interface of the directional valve: the nominal diameter of the directional valve and the gas port threads are not one-to-one correspondence, therefore, the selection of directional valves should pay attention to the interface threads.

2. The installation size of the directional valve: the same model, the function of the directional valve due to different manufacturers of its shape and installation size is not the same.

3. Whether the reversing action is crisp and clean, without dragging.

4. Solenoid valve, especially the AC solenoid valve should pay attention to its insulation properties. To ensure the personal safety of the operator.

5. Directional valve should be no external leakage, the smaller the internal leakage, the better. Otherwise, it will affect the normal operation of the system and waste of energy.

6. Pay attention to the valve's factory date, the reversing valve put too long, its lubricating grease will be aging, affecting the normal work of the reversing valve!





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