Description of filter working principle
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Description of filter working principle:

The compressed air from the inlet is strongly rotated through the tangential gap of the guide plate. The liquid oil, water and solid pollutants are thrown to the inner wall of the cup by centrifugal force, then flow to the bottom.

The compressed air has removed the liquid oil, water and large particle impurities, and further removes the small particles through the filter element, then flows out from the outlet.

The baffle prevents the liquid oil and water below from being swept back into the airstream. The condensed water accumulated in the cup can be discharged from the drain by pressing the manual button.

You may still will encounter many problems in the actual use process, even fully understanding the working principle.


TIPS1: replace the filter element in time

When the pressure difference between the air inlet and the air outlet is greater than 0.1MPa, or the service time is more than 2 years. Be sure to replace the filter element!

Tips 2: Distinguish between normally open and normally closed drains

There are automatic drain and manual drain, normally people prefer automatic drain. There are two kinds of drainage specifications for automatic drainage: normally open and normally closed.

But normally open is not equal to normally leaky

Tips 3: Installation required

Pre-blow before assembling, to prevent debris, dust, and sealing materials mixed into the compressed air.

The inlet and outlet can not be installed in reverse. And filter need to be installed vertically, with cup downward and make space for maintenance.

The front section of the filter should be equipped with a choke valve for maintenance.

The drain pipe should be secured to prevent the discharge speed from being too fast during the drainage process, which may cause the pipe to swing and injure people.

Tips 4: Strengthen the maintenance

Check the cup regularly for cracks, to prevent cracking and hurting people.

Ordinary cup is made of carbonate polyester. It need to avoid being used with organic solvents and chemical fumes. If you have to, choose a nylon or metal cup. And metal cup is necessary at high temperature.

Avoid the sunshine when using it.




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