Manual of Air Source Treatment Unit
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1. There are two ways of filter drainage: differential pressure drainage and manual drainage.  Manual drainage must be discharged before the water level reaches the level below the filter element.

2. When adjusting the pressure, please pull up and rotate the knob before turning it, and press the knob for positioning.  Rotate the knob to the right to increase the outlet pressure, rotate to the left to lower the outlet pressure.  Pressure adjustment should be gradually and evenly adjusted to the required pressure value, should not be adjusted in one step.

3, the use of oil feeder: oil feeder using JIS K2213 oil (ISO Vg32 or the same oil).  Please fill no more than eight full cups.  The number 0 indicates the minimum amount of oil and 9 indicates the maximum amount of oil.  Cannot rotate from position 9-0, must rotate clockwise.  A. According to the pipe diameter, flow size, pressure regulation, filtration accuracy and other technical performance parameters, select the air components needed by the system;  ?

B. The filter precision of air filter is 2um, 5um, 10um, 20um, 40um, 70um, 100um seven, according to the quality requirements of the air to choose the appropriate products;

C. When using the pressure reducing valve, try to avoid using the lower limit value of the pressure regulating range, choose the appropriate pressure reducing valve according to the requirements of the use of pressure;

D. Installation sequence: from the inlet end of the air source, connect the air filter, pressure reducing valve and oil mist at one time. The arrow direction on the component shell is the direction of air flow, and no reverse connection is allowed;

E. Air filter and oil mist must be installed vertically with the cup side down;

F. Once the oil mist is countercurrent, it will cause damage and danger to the internal parts, so it should be avoided;

G. During installation and connection, do not mix any impurities such as sealing tape and rust into the pipes.




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