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Air Source Treatment Unit

An Air Source Treatment Unit (ASTU) is a device that is designed to treat and condition compressed air before it is used in industrial applications. The ASTU removes contaminants such as oil, water, and dust from the compressed air, ensuring that the air is clean and dry.

The ASTU consists of several components, including a filter, a regulator, a lubricator, and a pressure gauge. The filter removes contaminants from the compressed air, while the regulator controls the air pressure. The lubricator adds a small amount of oil to the compressed air to lubricate pneumatic tools, while the pressure gauge displays the air pressure.

The ASTU is a crucial component in any compressed air system, as it helps to protect pneumatic tools and other equipment from damage, while also ensuring that the air is clean and safe for use. With its high-quality components and reliable performance, the ASTU is an ideal choice for a wide range of industrial applications.

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