How to choose right cylinder
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Select the correct cylinder according to the following conditions:


1. According to the type of cylinder:

Choose the type of cylinder according to the working requirements and conditions.  Use a heat-resistant cylinder in a high temperature environment.  In a corrosive environment, the use of corrosion – resistant cylinder.  Install a dust cover on the protruding end of the piston rod in harsh environments such as dust.  When no pollution is required, the cylinder without oil or oil lubrication should be selected.

2, according to the size of the force:

According to the size of the load force to determine the cylinder output thrust and tension.  In general, the acting force of the cylinder required by the theoretical equilibrium condition of uniform external load is multiplied by the coefficient 1.5~2.0, so that the output force of the cylinder is slightly surplus.  The cylinder diameter is too small, the output force is not enough, but the cylinder diameter is too large, so that the equipment is cumbersome, the cost increases, and increases the consumption of gas, waste energy.  In the fixture design, should try to use the expansion mechanism, in order to reduce the cylinder size.

3. According to the stroke of the piston:

And the use of the occasion and the stroke of the mechanism, but generally do not choose full stroke, to prevent the piston and cylinder head collision.  If used for clamping machine structure, it should increase the allowance of 10~20mm according to the calculation required stroke.  It should be selected as standard trip as far as possible to ensure the supply speed and reduce the cost.

4. According to the movement speed of the piston:

Mainly depends on the cylinder input compressed air flow, cylinder inlet and exhaust port size and pipe diameter.  High speed motion is required.  The cylinder movement speed is generally 50~1000mm/s.  For high-speed motion of the cylinder, the intake pipe of large internal passage should be selected;  For the load changes, in order to get slow and steady speed, can choose with throttle device or gas-liquid damping cylinder, it is easier to achieve speed control.  When selecting throttle valve to control the cylinder speed, note that: when the horizontally installed cylinder pushes the load, it is recommended to use exhaust throttle speed regulation;  When vertically installed cylinders lift loads, it is recommended to use intake throttle speed regulation;  When the stroke is required to move smoothly to avoid impact, the cylinder with buffer device should be selected.




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