BLCH Pneumatic sales training in May
Views: 121 Publish Time: 2023-05-22

From May 5th to 6th, 2023, more than 30 sales staff of BLCH Pneumatic gathered at the headquarters to attend the May sales training meeting. Salesmen from 10 agency offices attended the training meeting together with colleagues from the Foreign Trade Department and the E-commerce Department.


On the morning of May 5th, Mr. Wang Shengping, general manager, reviewed the sales situation from January to April in 2023, confirmed the achievements of each department, pointed out many shortcomings in the work, and arranged the sales priorities for the second half of the year.


Then Mr. Lin Leyi shared with us the practical experience of customer warm service, respectively from the etiquette of receiving people and things, personal image, the presentation of personal private domain platform, communication skills, how to listen correctly, how to understand the real needs of customers and other aspects of the exposition and share, and shared a variety of success and failure cases. In the class, Teacher Lin and Baling salesmen took interactive questions and answers, group discussions, small games and other ways to let knowledge take root.


Mr. Lin emphasizes that paying attention to customers' real needs and solving customers' problems is the core of sales.

At the same time, Engineer MR ZHANG and MR JIAO of the technical department will focus on the technical training of pneumatic products again, make plans and provide solutions for the quality problems that may occur due to improper use of customers in the process of use.

BLCH salesmen also adhering to the BLCH enterprise has always been the purpose of service, more efforts to improve pneumatic expertise, and sales ability, better service customers.




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