BLCH Electric Proportional Valve ITV2050
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Congratulations to BLCH Pneumatic Technology Co., LTD. On May 27, 2017, the electric proportional valve ITV2050 series products successfully passed the life test and will be on sale soon  

Electrical proportional valve is based on the size of the control signal to adjust the spool section area.  In order to achieve the adjustment of pressure size of the process objectives and requirements.  The flow control of electric proportional valve can be divided into two kinds.  One is switch control, one is continuous control, servo valve and other valve is different, its energy loss is greater, because it needs a certain amount of flow to maintain the work of the pre-stage control oil circuit.  One is switch control: either fully open, or fully closed, flow or maximum, or minimum, no intermediate state, such as ordinary electromagnetic through valve, electromagnetic directional valve, electro-hydraulic directional valve.  The other is continuous control: the valve port can be opened according to the need for any opening, so as to control the size of the flow, this kind of valve has manual control, such as throttle valve, also have electronic control, such as proportional valve, servo valve.  Electric proportional valve through electrical signals to control the gas pressure, can realize the continuous and stepless adjustment of the gas pressure, can realize remote control and program control, for the need for continuous or stepless adjustment of the gas pressure, especially suitable for the electrical proportional valve.


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1) It can realize the stepless adjustment of pressure and speed, and avoid the impact phenomenon when the normally open switching valve changes direction.


2) It can realize remote control and program control.


3) Compared with discontinuous control, the system is simplified and the components are greatly reduced.


4) Compared with the hydraulic proportional valve, small size, light weight, simple structure, low cost, but the response speed is much slower than the hydraulic system, is also more sensitive to load changes.


5) The use of small power, less heat, low noise.


6) No fire, no pollution to the environment.  It is less affected by temperature changes.

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