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  • WIN Eurasia in Turkey from 6.7 - 6.10, 2023

    As the flagship exhibition of the "Hannover Industrial Expo" in Türkiye, since the "the Belt and Road" strategy was proposed, WIN Eurasia has gained more and more favor from international enterprises, especially Chinese exhibitors, by virtue of its unique geographical advantage of connecting Europ

  • BLCH Pneumatic sales training in May

    From May 5th to 6th, 2023, more than 30 sales staff of BLCH Pneumatic gathered at the headquarters to attend the May sales training meeting. Salesmen from 10 agency offices attended the training meeting together with colleagues from the Foreign Trade Department and the E-commerce Department.

  • Happy Mother's day !

    A mother's love is a cup of hot tea, fragrance and warm.A mother's love is a song, beautiful and charming. A mother's love is a moon, quiet but gentle. On Mother's Day, I wish all mothers a happy holiday!

  • BLCH Pneumatic Company will participate in the International Pneumatic Exhibition held in Brazil

    BLCH Pneumatic will bring pneumatic automation solutions to attend EXPOMAFE 2023 Brazil, looking forward to meeting you at the exhibition. As one of the leading manufacturers of pneumatic products in China, BLCH Pneumatic will showcase its latest pneumatic products and solutions at the exhibition. These products include air cylinders, pneumatic valves ,Control Components, air filters and more. In addition, BLCH Pneumatic will also showcase its latest automation solutions.

  • Meeting you in Canton fair in April

    Meeting you in Canton fair

  • 2023 EXPO PLAN

    We blch team look forward to meeting you in São Paulo, Istanbul,Bangkok,Yekaterinburg in 2023,we also looking for agencies around of world ,feel free to contact us

  • Happy Chinese New year

    Dear all friends and customer,Happy Chinese New YearWe BLCH pneumatic Teamwish you lucky in the year of OXsafety & peace all the year roundGood health &VitalityFlourishing wealth & fortunewe will come back from holiday after 20th Feb. Thanks for your support in the new year!

  • Congratulation!

    CONGLATULATION!The "Internal Pilot Guide of the Precision Pressure Reducing Valve" standard which was lead drafted by our company has been approved by the Zhejiang Product Quality Association as the "Quality Criterion" for the zhejiang manufacturing groups' standard, the Code Number is T/ZZB 1619

  • congratulations !

    In 2004, due to the persistence of the pneumatic industry, we established BLCH Pneumatic & Technology Co., Ltd. Suddenly looking back, BLCH has gone through 19 years of glorious process, has become a giant tree from a seed, standing at the forefront of China's pneumatic industry. Here, we would like

  • How to choose pneumatic cylinder sensor (part 2)

    REED SENSORSReed sensors have been in use for many years and are the most common type used in pneumatic cylinders. They're cost-effective and versatile, although typically slower and less resistant in extreme environments.How Does A Reed Sensor Work?A reed switch is a simple form of magnetic proximi

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