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Mechanical Valve MV322 series

The Mechanical Valve MV322 series is a high-quality and high-performance mechanical valve series. It utilizes advanced design and manufacturing techniques, allowing it to operate reliably in harsh industrial environments with exceptional durability and stability.

The series features premium materials such as stainless steel, copper alloys, and high-strength aluminum alloys to ensure long-term service life and outstanding performance. Additionally, its highly efficient sealing design effectively prevents leakage and contamination, ensuring safe and reliable fluid transfer.

The Mechanical Valve MV322 series offers a variety of specifications and models to meet various application requirements. Whether in manufacturing, industrial automation, mechanical equipment, or fluid control fields, the series can provide excellent control and adjustment capabilities, offering users more efficient and reliable solutions.

In summary, the Mechanical Valve MV322 series is a powerful, high-reliability, and versatile mechanical valve series that can meet the application needs of various industries. It is an ideal choice in industrial control and fluid transfer fields.

Model representation method


MV 32 2 R
(Specification code) (Ways code) (Port size) (Beutton type)
MV series 32:3/2 Way 2:G1/4 Blank:Basic type
Mechanical Valve

R: Roller type

TB: Selecting type button

EB: Lock type button

PP: Flat type button

PPL: Convex type button

PB:Big circle type

Technical parameters

Models MV322 MV322R MV322PP MV322PPL MV322PB MV322EB MV322TB
Working Medium air (filtered by 40UM sieve )
Acting mode Direct type
Port size 08:G1/4
Working pressure 0~0.8Mpa
Working temperature -5~60℃(28~140° F)
Lubricating No need

Outline dimension ( mm )

Mechanical Valve MV322 series



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